We invest locally in the next generation of entrepreneurs moving the world forward

“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.”

—John Updike

Investment Committee

Jenny Fielding
Managing Director Techstars
Scott Hartley
Co-Founder Two Culture Cap
Katie Shea
Partner Kairos
Josh Hix
Co-Founder Plated
Becky Yang
Founder LinLane

Community Members

Tom Lee
Founder One Medical
Marika Frumes
Co-Founder HER
Oisin Hanrahan
Co-Founder Handy
Vivian Rosenthal
Co-Founder Frequency
Matthew Brimer
Co-Founder General Assembly
Robin Berzin
Founder Parsley Health
Matt Hunter
President Founders Pledge
Kat Cole
President Focus Brands
Alex Ljung
Founder SoundCloud
Courtney Boyd Myers
Founder Akua
Neil Parikh
Co-Founder Casper
Angela Ceresnie
CEO Climb Credit
Scott Heiferman
Co-Founder Meetup
Alessandra Henderson
Co-Founder Elektra Health
JB Osborne
Co-Founder Red Antler
Langley McNeal
Partner Summit
Kevin Delaney
Co-Founder Quartz
Katie Hunt
Co-Founder Showfields
Isaac Oates
Founder Justworks
Allison Stoloff
Head of Marketing Knotel
Sanjiv Sanghavi
Co-Founder ClassPass
Mallory Blair
Co-Founder Small Girls PR
Brad Hargreaves
Founder Common
Caroline Hofmann
General Manager Thirty Madison
Josh Hix
Co-Founder Plated
Beth Comstock
Vice Chair GE
Adam Carver
Co-Founder Battlestar Capital
Amanda Moskowitz
Founder Stacklist
Scott Hartley
Co-Founder Two Culture Cap
Jenny Fielding
Managing Director Techstars
Jake Schwartz
Co-Founder General Assembly
Beth Schoenfelt
Co-Founder FundedBuy
Andrew Masanto
CMO Reserve
Hillary France
Co-Founder Brand Assembly
Ben Beecher
Founder Lightmatter
Jenn Ok
Managing Partner 150 Bond
Anoop Kansupada
Managing Director prontoCapital
Katie Finnegan
Founding Principal Store No 8 (Walmart)
Clark Valberg
Founder InVision
Whitney Falk
Founder ZZ Driggs
Daire Hickey
Co-Founder Web Summit
Mo Mullen
Managing Director 10X CEO
Dan MacCombie
Co-Founder Runa
Elana Karp
Co-Founder Plated
Dan Schneider
Founder SIB
Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
Co-Founder Gilt, Glamsquad, Fitz
Daniel Fine
Founder Glass-U
Katie Shea
Partner Kairos
David Belt
Founder New Lab
David Yarus
Founder JSwipe
David Ronick
Co-Founder Stash Invest
Daniel Jeydel
Head of Brand Partnerships Cameo
Drew Himel
CEO PCR Agency
Evan Segal
General Partner 412
Eric Kroll
Co-Founder Medaptive Health
Rhian Horgan
Co-Founder Kindur
George Singer
Co-Founder SimulaVR
Mitra Kalita
Senior Vice President CNN
Grant Gittlin
CXO MediaLink
Jake Chai
Senior Director Common
Greg Hausheer
Co-Founder Lightmatter
Andrew Forman
Founder Givz
Jessey Cinis
Founder Nubook
Joe Tandle
Co-Founder Lightning Society
Joel Wishkovsky
Founder Simple Health
Jonathan Goldberg
Founder BBL
Sehr Thadhani
Partner Silicon Foundry
Jonathan Wasserstrum
Co-Founder SquareFoot
Jonathan Wegener
Co-Founder Timehop
Josh Mohrer
GM of NYC Uber
Jamie Melzer
Founder Watermelon Road
Jules Ehrhardt
Founder FKTRY
Ariana Fowler
Associate The Fund
Julian Johnson
Founder HOME
Justin Day
Co-Founder CARMERA
Ken Nguyen
Co-Founder Republic
Lucas Krump
Co-Founder EVRYMAN
Mark Wachen
Co-Founder Optimost
Megan Hannum
Partner FundedBuy
Michael Basch
Investments George Kaiser Family Foundation
Ray Xiao
Co-Founder IOST
Rich Littlehale
Partner Six Peak
Ro Gupta
Co-Founder CARMERA
Sam Cassatt
Chief Strategy Officer ConsenSys
Sam Hodges
Co-Founder Funding Circle
Scott Biggart
Engineer Uber
Grace Gould
Co-Founder Soda Says
Sonny Caberwal
Founder Bond
Steve Tam
Vice President Snips
Tucker Reed
Principal TOTEM
Tyler Wakstein
Founder OpenNest
Umang Dua
Co-Founder Handy
Vishal Sapra
Founder Code & Culture
Howard Steinberg
Founder Westport Innovation Hub
Yann Rey
Founder Unframed Ice Cream
Divya Gugnani
Co-Founder Wander Beauty
Zander Rafael
Founder Climb Credit
Aadil Mamujee
Head of Product Automattic
Becky Yang
Founder LinLane
Adam Caplan
Founding Partner ID8
Ben Coulter
Pau Sabria
Co-Founder Olapic
Pablo Pera
Co-Founder Reply.ai
Alessandro Palma
Head of Partnerships Anheuser-Busch InBev
Anthony Dorment
Founder Various
Maria Brewer Palma
GP Kindred
Ben McKean
Founder Hungryroot
Charles Duhigg
Author, Writer The New Yorker, Random House
Chris Dennis
Founder Minded
Dan Gellert
General Manager Trip Advisor
Demetri Karagas
Co-Founder Thirty-Madison
Lola Priego
Founder Base
Fayez Mohamood
Co-Founder Bluecore
Vitor Asseituno
Co-Founder Sami
Christian Busch
CEO German Accelerator
Zac Prince
Founder BlockFi
James Ermilio
President CoverWallet
Mike Akkerman
Chief Product Cardlytics
Lexa Pope
Tech Exec, Investor & Advisor Former Google, Facebook, USDS
Sam Slaughter
Founder Lighthouse Creative
Tom Phillips
Founder, Advisor Various
Casey Powers
COO Climb Credit
Adrian Grant
Technology Operator Apollo Global Management
Hayley Caddes
Founder Chill Pill
Arianna Armelli
Founder Dorothy
Neha Govindraj
Founder Bonside

“Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles."

― Frank Lloyd Wright

Investment Committee

Anna Barber
Partner M13
Austin Murray
Founder JAMDAT Mobile
Raina Kumra
CEO Juggernaut
Josh Jones
Founder Dreamhost
Jawhara Tariq
Investor Moonshots

Community Members

Chad Depue
Director of Engineering Snap
Carolyn Yashari Becher
Co-founder HopSkipDrive
Arun Gupta
Founder Quartet
Amy Raymond Cohn
Founder Ugh Ventures Consulting
Greg Cohn
Co-founder Burner
Saujin Yi
Founder Liquid
Kevin Datoo
COO Dollar Shave Club
Liz Heller
Managing Partner MemBrain
Ashutosh Shukla
Mechanical Engineering Manager Snap
Tina Hay
Founder and CEO Napkin Finance
Spencer Rascoff
Co-founder Zillow
Minnie Ingersoll
Co-founder Shift
Qiana Patterson
VP of Strategic Development HopSkipDrive
Beth Schoenfelt
Co-Founder FundedBuy
Daniel Gould
Founder BiasSync
Tony Wang
Co-founder, Head of Emerging Technologies Agora.io
Arthur Wang
Founder Abax Interactive
Caroline Mitchell
Co-Founder Fitsi Health
Dan Benyamin
Founder CitizenNet
Susan Paley
CEO Droplabs
Carol Koh Evans
CFO Beboe, Former COO/CFO Tradesy
Megan Hannum
Partner FundedBuy
Alex Canter
Founder Ordermark
Tamra Johnson
COO Liquid
Jonathan Gray
Founder Cask Data (Acq. by Google)
Joe Bose
Group Project Manager Google
Thomas Vu
Head of Franchise Development Riot Games
Lori Shao
Founder Finli
Brent Barkman
Engineering Manager (Former) Snap
Michael Fine
Founder NewCo (Stealth)
Penelope Linge
General Manager HelloGiggles
Jonathan Wegener
Founder NewCo (Stealth)
Travlin McCormack
Head of CTO Relations Amazon
Saurabh Goyal
Head of Operational Excellence Google
Will Weisman
Former Executive Director Singularity University
Robyn Ward
CEO Founder Forward
William Barnes
Former West Coast Manager Uber
Zack Norman
Co-Founder Tripp
Todd Jackson
Former VP of Product & Design Dropbox
Derek Flanzraich
Founder Greatist
Ellen Chen
Founder Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market
David Evans
Founder PlayCanvas/Sr. Eng Manager at Snap
Chris Ahearn
CFO WiserCare
Jason Kay
Former Chief Strategy Officer THQ
Federico Pomi
Founder Fabrica
Jeffrey Lin
Founder Jeffrey Lin Media
Anna Barber
Partner M13
Josh Jones
Founder Dreamhost
Raina Kumra
CEO Juggernaut
Austin Murray
Founder JAMDAT Mobile
Lenoria Addison
EIR The Fund

“In London, everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.”

– Paddington Bear

Investment Committee

Carmen Alfonso Rico
Partner Blossom Capital
Eamonn Carey
Managing Director Techstars
Marina Gorey
Co-Founder SuperAwesome
Ross Sheil
Head of Growth Stripe

Community Members

Ross Sheil
Head of Growth Stripe
Dave Bailey
Co-Founder Delivery Hero
Grace Gould
Co-Founder Soda Says
Martin Henk
Co-Founder Pipedrive
Anu Adebajo
Venture Fellow + Investment Manager The Fund + British Patient Capital
Jose de Cabo
Co-Founder Olapic
Joshua Wöhle
Co-Founder SuperAwesome
Maria Brewer Palma
GP Kindred
Jack Gavigan
Head of Regulatory Relations Electric Coin Co
Katie Hunt
Co-Founder Showfields
Luis Sanz
Founder Olapic
Agostino Trapani
Entrepreneur | VC Apax Digital
Raina Kumra
CEO Juggernaut
Martin Gould
Product Director Spotify
Anna Barber
Partner M13
Nicholas Mills
General Manager, EMEA CircleCI
Ian Hathaway
Author The Startup Community Way
Judy Zhu
Founder & CEO MoneyGirls
Olivier de Simone
Co-Founder & CEO Sensae
Jenny Fielding
Managing Director Techstars
Rafa Plantier
Country Manager, UK & Ireland Tink
Stuart Gardner
Founding Team Comufy
Cristina DeVito
CFO & CSO Havenly
Scott Thwaites
Head of New Markets TikTok
Adil Mohammed
Founder & CEO Virtuoso
Carmen Alfonso Rico
Partner Blossom Capital
Andrew Weisz
Partner Weisz Investments
Becky Yang
Founder LinLane
Andrea Emanuelli
CFO Uprise Academy
Chris Adelsbach
Founding Partner Outrun Ventures
Daniel Mulcahy
Founder & CEO RideShair
Chris von Wedemeyer
Co-Founder DrSmile
Dieter Rappold
Founder & CEO Speedinvest Pirates
Joyce Qian
Growth ContactPigeon
Javier Etxebeste
Co-Founder Daybat | Mercurius Early Investment
Jens Urbaniak
Founder DrSmile
Courtney Boyd Myers
Founder Akua
Lukas Erlebach
Co-Founder & CEO Joblift
Abbie Morris
Founder & CEO Compare Ethics
Neeraj Berry
Founder Sprig
Marina Gorey
Co-Founder SuperAwesome
Mayur Patel
Group COO Cassava Fintech
Leah Remfry-Peploe
Co-Founder ohne
Wil Benton
Venture & Ecosystem Director ATI Boeing Accelerator
Orla Harris
COO & Co-Founder SideQuestVR
Nick Crosthwaite
Director, Corporate Development Spotify
Nikki Michelsen
Co-Founder ohne
Will Ritchie
Founder & CEO Chosen AI

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so… get on your way!”

– Dr. Seuss 

Investment Committee

Ari Newman
Co-Founder Filtrbox & JustOn
Judy Zhu
Founder & CEO MoneyGirls
David Mandell
Co-Founder PivotDesk & OneRiot
Cristina DeVito
CFO & CSO Havenly


Sarah Heitzman
CRO & CSO Rachio
Yoav Lurie
Founder Simple Energy
Judy Toran Cousin
Founder Health Management Advisors
Eric Marcoulier
Founder Gnip
Jim Lejeal
Founder Crucible
Casey Jenks
Founder TrueCoach
Anna Barber
Partner M13
Scott Williamson
EVP GitLab Inc
Geoff Ward
CTO AP Intego
Carie Lemack
Co-Founder DreamUp
David Kircos
CTO Challenger Finance
Ryan Falor
Head of Product AVMaps at Uber
Robert Reich
Managing Partner R2
David Nohe
Founder FinGoal
John Giacomoni
Founder Balanced Blends
Sabra Willner
SVP Global Marketing SecurEnds
Rami Essaid
Founder Finmark
Julian Zegelman
Founder Jaguar Capital Advisors
Jennifer Cunningham
Founder Ask Why Films
Jonathan Fentzke
Founder FKM Union
Jon Brandon
Founder Foria
Eric Reinhardt
Co-Founder & CEO Helio Home
Monica Vidal
Co-Founder Lattice Capital Partners
Colin McIntosh
Founder Sheets & Giggles
Giles Goodwin
Co-Founder Flite
Carly Brantz
CMO Digital Ocean
Niji Sabharwal
Cofounder & CEO AgentSync
Jenn Knight
Co-Founder & CTO AgentSync
Jason Mendelson
Founding Partner Foundry Group
Natty Zola
Founder Everlater
Charles Baron
Co-Founder FBN
Julien Denaes
VP of Business Development Finmark
Cameron Walker
VP/GM VF Corporation
Jeremy Hanks
Founder/CEO DSCO
Ed Hallen
Founder Klayvio, Team Engine
Will McCollum
Operator, Investor, Advisor AWD Holdings
Joel Wishkovsky
Founder & CEO Simple Health
Danny Newman
Co-Founder & CEO SmartPrompt
Austin Gayer
Co-Founder & President SmartPrompt
Jon Adams
CEO Smart Hotels

"There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind."

― Fred Rogers

Investment Committee

Lynsie Campbell
Founder ShowClix
Chris Bergman
Founder Gylee Games
Jennifer Fried
Co-Founder ExplORer Surgical
Ted Serbinski
Founder Stanson Ventures

Community Members

Ben Self
Co-Founder West Sixth Brewing
Gabriela Isturiz
Founder, President & CEO eBillingHub & Bellefield Systems
Kristi Ross
Co-Founder, Co-CEO & President tastytrade
Nathaniel Minto
CEO New Ambit
Soren Larson
Data Scientist OpenStore
Brandon Cannaday
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Losant
Brian Jeffrey Gross
VP, Product & Technology Fiserv
Jack Greco
Founder, Partner One Link Ventures
Neal Hoffman
Founder & Chief Executive Mensch Mensch on a Bench
Jenny Fielding
Managing Director Techstars
Amanda Lannert
CEO Jellyvision
Chris von Wedemeyer
Co-Founder DrSmile
Jason Lange
President & Co-Founder BloomBoard
Lynsie Campbell
Founder ShowClix
Ted Serbinski
Founder Stanson Ventures
Brian Arnone
SVP - Head of Music & Middle Market Protecht
Eric Boduch
Founder Pendo.io
Lindsey Michaelides
Co-Founder & CEO Strongsuit
Patrick Colletti
Founder Net Health
Tomasz Trzciski
Chief Scientist & Partner Tooploox
Emily Geiger Draugelis
CEO & Founder Vitamin Collective
Eron Bucciarelli
Founder & CEO Tixxy
Jeremie Bacon
Co-Founder & CEO The Forge: Lemont Quarries
Patrick Henshaw
Managing Director Render
Tapan Kataria
Venture Partner Various
Charlie Key
Co-Founder & CEO Losant
Jennifer Fried
Co-Founder ExplORer Surgical
Jon Oberheide
Co-Founder & CTO Duo Security
Kristin Welch
Venture Pipeline Ford X
Vance VanDrake
Co-Group Leader - Startups & Emerging Growth Ulmer & Berne LLP
Chris Bergman
Founder Gylee Games
Gary Ellis
Co-Founder, President Remesh
Lyle Berkowitz
CEO Back 9 Healthcare Consulting
Sagar Parvataeni
Technology/Product Executive Consultant & Angel Investor -
Jon Rossi
Founder Modern


“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia”

-Charles M. Schultz

Investment Committee

Elicia McDonald
Partner AirTree Ventures
Adrian Petersen
Co-Founder Afterwork Ventures
Georgia Vidler
Head of Product Canva
Todd Deacon
Managing Director Techstars

Community Members

Mark Finn
Co-Founder & CFO ROLLER
Andrew Lane
Co-founder & CEO Genero
Kate Morris
Founder Adore Beauty
Matthew Saxby
Senior Product Manager Canva
Alice Williams
Founder Ovira
Josh Abulafia
Co-founder & CEO ChefPrep
Danny Wu
Strategy & Social Good Canva
Christopher Laughlin
Mentor Courageous Ventures
Kim Teo
Co-founder Mr Yum
Hichame Assi
CEO Envato
Dominic Price
Work Futurist Atlassian
Paprika Xu
Product Design Lead Canva
Alex Birch
Co-Founder & CEO XY Sense
Gillian Findlay
Operating Partner AirTree
Sten Pittet
Co-Founder & CEO Tability
Chaz Heitner
Co-founder Hatch
Cristina Kown
Co-founder The Venturesome Co
Ricky Friedlander
CTO RangeMe
Luke Finn
Founder @ CEO ROLLER
Carmel Hinks
Senior Software Engineer Canva
Dean Cherny
Founder & CEO StorePlay
Adam Jacobs
Co-founder Hatch
Sarah Hamilton
Co-Founder Sand & Sky
Adrian Osman
Co-founder Mr Yum
Ben McGrath
Co-founder Vamp
Matthew Browne
Managing Partner Black Nova VC
Adam Finger
Gus Balbontin
Founder Roshambo
Doug English
Founder & CTO Culture Amp
Sara Zabukovec
Chief of Staff A Cloud Guru
Robert Kawalsky
Head of Product Canva
Lauren McHugh
Senior Software Engineer Twitter
Rod Hamilton
Founder & Chief Product Officer Culture Amp

“India lives in several centuries at the same time."

– Arundhati Roy

Investment Committee

Saurabh Goyal
Head of Product Strategy Google
Saurabh Arora
Co-Founder Lybrate
Vir Kashyap
Co-Founder Babajob

“Don’t mess with Texas.”

– Texas Department of Transportation

Investment Committee

Andy Ambrose
Co-Founder Liveoak Technologies
Cara McCarty
Co-Founder Code Pilot
Albert Swantner
Co-Founder Mobile Tech RX
Janice Omadeke
Founder The Mentor Method

Community Members

Adelle Archer
CEO & Co-Founder Eterneva
Eric Starkloff
President & CEO National Instruments
Beth Kelly
VP Storable
Henrik Johansson
CEO Gembah
Megan Hannum
Co-Founder FundedBuy
Jim Miller
COO Cloud9
Dana Wright
Managing Director MATH Ventures
Joel Wishkovsky
Entrepreneur and Venture Partner Overture VC
Gabriella Draney Zielke
Founder and Partner Tech Wildcatters
Mitch Flax
Founder & CEO Net Equity Capital
Jane Ko
Investor The Council
Pete Rung
Founder & Investor DocuSign
Karyn Scott
CEO Care2Rock
Kate Herling
Founder Tandem
Ross Hudgens
Founder & CEO Siege Media
Lynette Perkins
Founder & CEO Bohemian Innovation
Tristan Rubadeau
Principal Product Manager Halp Answers
Allison Ray
VP of Operation Mobile Tech RX
Ty Findley
Co-Founder & General Partner Ironspring Ventures
Daimen Simmons
Co-Founder Mobile Tech RX

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made… It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.”

– Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Investment Committee

Ragini Holloway
SVP People Affirm
Allison Stoloff
Operator Knotel, Oscar, Facebook
Gabriela Isturiz
Founder eBillingHub & Bellefield Systems
Sylvia Kuyel
VP Revenue JumpCloud

Community Members

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
Co-Founder Gilt, Glamsquad, Fitz
Alexia Brue
Co-Founder & CEO Well+Good
Ali Goldstein
Channel Account Manager AppDynamics
Angela Sebastian
CEO Levenfeld Pearlstein
Ashley Beriault
Head of Strategic Marketing Cloudflare
Chris Mcmahon
CEO MFA Wealth
Bela Pandya
CFO Forte
Barrie Berg
Managing Director Gresham Global Advisors
Deane Price
CEO Aderant
Cathy Kenton
Co-Founder & CEO Legal Tech Media
Christopher von Wedemeyer
Founder DrSmile
Christina Mikhail
Head of GTM Miro
Ediyn Yuen
Senior Manager Disney Streaming
Desiree Kohnen
Vice President Samsara
Elisa Rivero
Managing Director Keylingo
Elysia Everett
Founder Friendly Like Me
Emily Rasmussen
Founder & CEO Grapevine
Eric Tsytsylin
Head of Brand The Farmer's Dog
Jannine Versi
Co-Founder & CEO Elektra Health
Jennifer Lawton
Vice President Bolster
Fong Wa Chung
Head of VC Akuna Capital
Joshua Gutman
Founder & CEO Donut Labs
Jane Tran
CAO Unqork
Jenna Seigel
Partner Aegis Legal
Sandra Campos
CEO Project Verte, DVF
Julia Austin
Principal Austinfish
Katie Hunt
Co-Founder Showfields
Kaiya Waddell
Director Meta
Kevin Delaney
Co-Founder Quartz
Lexa Pope
Investor Advisor
Marijo Bos
Founder & CEO Bos Advisors
Evan Segal
General Partner 412
Monica Vidal
Co-Founder & CEO Lattice Capital
Megan Meyer Toolson
Chief Customer Officer Opendoor
Melissa Luu-Van
Product Manager Facebook
Olivia Gorvy
Director AI21 Labs
Rebecca White
Senior Director LinkedIn
Saana Rapakko Hunt
Chief Product Officer The Mom Project
Rodney Eng
Software Engineer Palantir
Sabrina Manville
Co-Founder & CEO Edmit
Sara Berliner
Co-Founder & CEO Kinspire
Sara Wajnberg
CPO Oscar Health